Raw vs Tumbled Crystals


What Is The Difference? 

The two main differences between raw and tumbled crystals are how they are made and the way the energy they contain is distributed.

Raw or rough crystals are as they sound, untouched and left as they are from the ground. Tumbled crystals have been placed in a rock tumbler and polished so that they are smooth to the touch.

Raw crystals are known to have a strong, sporadic, powerful energy and tumbled crystals are known to have a gentle and even energy.

It is important to note that the shape does not change the properties of the crystal it just changes they way the energy is dispersed.

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Below are raw and tumbled comparisons of a few of our favourite crystals.


Raw vs. Tumbled Crystals


Tumbles - Gentle + Even Energy | SHOP TUMBLES

Tumbles are small chunks of crystals that have been placed into a rock tumbler to give them a smooth, polished appearance. The shape and size of tumbled crystal can vary, but usually they are the perfect size for your pockets. Don’t let the size fool you, these crystals are tiny but, mighty. The size allows you to easily stay connected with the even and gentle energy that it emits all day long.


Raw - Strong + Powerful Energy | SHOP RAW

Raw or Rough crystals are, well, raw, they are left untreated as they are found. The shape and size can vary dramatically from tiny little chips to massive boulders or caves. The reason raw crystals have such a strong, powerful energy is because they are left untreated in their natural state.


Which One Is Better + Which One Do I Choose? 

These are the two most common questions we hear in regards to choosing crystals, but there is no right or wrong answer to either of these questions. It is completely personal opinion. 

All crystals should be chosen intuitively, whether you choose them yourself or someone else chooses crystals for you. 

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