The Simple Guide to Crystal Shapes 

Of course, you already know that crystals have powerful healing energy but did you know that the shape of the crystal can contribute to the energy it gives off?  


Here is a quick breakdown of the difference between quite a few common shapes...


Tumbles - Gentle + Even Energy | SHOP TUMBLES

Tumbles are small chunks of crystals that have been placed into a rock tumbler to give them a smooth, polished appearance. The shape and size of tumbled crystals can vary, but usually, they are the perfect size for your pockets. Although don’t let the size fool you, these crystals are tiny but, mighty. The size allows you to easily stay connected with the even and gentle energy that it emits all day long. 

Raw - Strong + Powerful Energy | SHOP RAW

Raw or Rough crystals are, well, raw, they are left untreated as they are found. The shape and size can vary dramatically from tiny little chips to massive boulders or caves. The reason raw crystals have such strong, powerful energy is that they are left untreated in their natural state.

Spheres - Harmonised + Balanced Energy | SHOP SPHERES

Spheres represent wholeness and completion. Being perfectly symmetrical, they radiate energy evenly in every direction. That energy is harmonised and balanced.

Generators - Strong + Focused Energy | SHOP GENERATORS

Generators are towers with six equal faces that all lead to the same termination point. The energy of a generator is directed upward from the base and out through the point emitting a very amplified, focused and directional energy.

Obelisks - Strong + Stable Energy | SHOP OBELISKS

Obelisks are towers with a square base and four equal faces that all softly tapper into an isosceles pyramid point. They have very strong and concentrated energy and when placed in a pair bring balance and harmony to any space.

A Quick History of the Obelisk

The obelisk originated in Ancient Egypt between 2575-2465 BCE. They would be made from a single piece of stone, most often red granite and would stand between 3-30 meters tall. They were often placed in pairs at the entrance to temples. 

The entire obelisk would be embellished with hieroglyphs of the dead, representing their kings and honouring their gods. Most famously the god of the Sun, Ra is considered to be the king or father of all gods. 

The obelisks are related to the Sun in many ways, the shape on its own symbolises the rays of the Sun as they hit the earth. It also worked as a sundial to honour the sun rising and setting. 


Wands - Direct + Gentle Energy | SHOP WANDS

Wands generally resemble a cylinder that is tapered to a point, texturally wands can be smooth, faceted or even twisted. Crystal wands have been used by healers all around the world for centuries. Wands are an incredible tool for moving energy, they allow you to direct energy, channel it in and draw it out. 

Pyramids - Grounding + Focused Energy | SHOP PYRAMIDS

Pyramids have a square base and four triangular sides that meet at a point. Throughout history, pyramids have been given many different spiritual meanings, but we are going to keep it simple. The base of the pyramid anchors and grounds, while energy is focused and directed out through the point. 

Pyramids are a popular tool for strengthening manifestations, the base grounds your intention and the point directs your intention out to the universe. 

Palm Stones - Calm + Grounding Energy | SHOP PALM STONES

Palm stones are pretty much exactly as they sound, they are a smooth, oval or round shape that will fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. They are often used during meditation creating a connection between our energy and the energy of the crystal. The palm stone itself will calm the mind and create stillness.

Worry Stones - Calm + Grounding Energy | SHOP WORRY STONES

Worry stones are made to fit comfortably between your thumb and index finger. Rub the smooth surface of the crystal with your thumb to release any fear, stress, sadness or worry and allow the stone to replace it with a calming and soothing energy. 

Hearts - Soft + Loving Energy | SHOP HEARTS

Crystal hearts are natural crystals that have been hand carved into a heart shape. They represent love and are often used by crystal healers when working on the heart chakra. Hearts emit soft, comforting and loving energy.


How do I choose the right crystal shape for me?

I know sometimes all of this information can make choosing a crystal seem even harder, but the truth is none of this actually matters. It is here to help you understand why you may have been drawn to a certain shape, but not to help you choose.

Whatever the type, whatever the shape, if you feel drawn to a certain crystal you are drawn to it for a reason. Your intuition will always guide you to exactly what you need.