About Us

What is The Essential Collection?

The Essential Collection is a collection of everything that is good for your soul.

  • high quality, hand-picked, ethically sourced crystals
  • books for the mind, body and spirit
  • decor that promotes positive energy in your home
  • blog posts with information on crystals, crystal healing, Feng Shui, holistic living and more

What was the inspiration + mission behind The Essential Collection?

In 2020 we noticed a decline in positivity globally, and we wanted to personally uplift people's spirits. So in April 2020 we began our journey of assembling a collection of crystals, books and information with the sole purpose of spreading good vibes world wide. Thus was born The Essential Collection.

Our mission is to bring happiness, positivity and a little bit of magick to your life.

Who are the women behind The Essential Collection?

The dynamic and somewhat quirky women behind The Essential Collection is mother and daughter duo (Julie + Teagan). We are creatives at heart and designing a collection of items that will put a smile on your face and bring you joy, to us, is the ultimate collection.

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Julie + Teagan