The Quick Guide: Cleansing & Charging Crystals

Our first ever guidebook, The Quick Guide: Cleansing and Charging Crystals. 

Most crystals absorb and store negative energy, this is why cleansing them is so important. Cleansing your crystals regularly removes the negative energy they have adsorbed and allows them to function at their highest possible vibration.

You can cleanse and charge your crystals in many different ways and we are very commonly asked questions is how to do this.

We have had a blog post up for a few years, but we wanted to do a little something extra special and create a printable guidebook for those of your that might want a physical copy to reference. 

We hope you like it and we can't wait to expand our 'Quick Guide' collection!

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Welcome + About Us

For those of you who are new here, we wanted to introduce ourselves, we are the mother-daughter duo, behind The Essential Collection, Julie and Teagan. 

This business journey started in 2020, we assembled an ‘Essential Collection’ of crystals and books with the sole purpose of spreading good vibes worldwide and curating a collection of everything good for your soul.

It’s since grown into much more than just crystals and books. We seem to have collected, bespoke journals, fine art prints, oracle decks, tarot decks and all sorts of other metaphysical products. 

To ensure we are spreading nothing but good vibes all of our crystals are hand-picked, intuitively selected and ethically sourced.

Thank you so much for visiting our little corner of the Internet, we hope that our collection will guide and inspire you to connect with your spiritual self and that our intuitive crystal selections take you on a magickal journey.

Please take a look around, enjoy and take care,

Julie + Teagan