Spiritual Awakening + Self Discovery | Crystal Kit

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Our universe is full of infinite possibilities and these powerful crystals are here to remind you of that. They will encourage you to connect with your spiritual self, enhance your intuition, telepathic and psychic abilities to aid in the discovery of your genuine higher self. 

☾ Your Spiritual Awakening and Self Discovery Crystal Kit will contain three hand picked tumbled crystals Blue Kyanite, Larikite and Rainbow Moonstone.

☾ Your crystals will be packed inside our signature cotton bag and comes with a printed information card.

☾ Before they are shipped your crystals will be cleaned and charged by the sound of our singing bowl.


Blue Kyanite is known for guidance and communication. This stone helps you to develop your intuition and encourages you to connect with your spiritual self. It aligns the spiritual being within the higher realms of consciousness by enhancing your telepathic and psychic abilities, it is the ultimate universal bridge.

Larvikite is known to protect and clarify. It will remove unnecessary thoughts and sharpen your concentration to help with not just taking in, but understanding and processing new information. It helps to develop and strengthen your intuition, encouraging you to discover your genuine higher self and unlock all of your psychic abilities and talents. Larvikite provides protection from any negative energy that may surround you and cleanses it from not just your physical body, but your entire auric field.

Rainbow Moonstone is a crystal of growth and discovery. It shields your aura from negative vibrations, helps to maintain a sense of calm and increases mental clarity. Rainbow Moonstone reminds us to be grateful for the life we live and that our universe is full of infinite possibilities. It supports you through new beginnings and encourages you to take on life-changing opportunities. 


Please Remember: Crystals are natural products and come in many different shapes, sizes and shades so they may slightly vary from the exact crystals pictured. We try our very best to keep our stock as consistent as possible.