Did you choose the crystal or did the crystal choose you?

Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to certain crystals? Have you noticed that you are drawn to different crystals during different phases of your life? Well you are not alone.

You may think that you are attracted to the sparkle, shine or colour of a crystal. This is somewhat true. However, the one thing you can’t see that is resonating with you is the stone’s energy.

Stone energy is the energy that each crystal gives off. For skeptics it sounds a little out there, however, stones are no different than anything else in the world. Everything in the world, at its smallest component is vibrating energy, and crystals are no different. 

All crystals vibrate at different frequencies. The frequency of their vibration is what resonates with you, which is why at different phases of your life you will resonate with certain crystals and not so much with others.

Besides being naturally drawn to the energy of crystals, you can choose certain crystals to help amplify the positive energy that is already inside you. They can help you take the next steps that you need to grow, or give you the strength required to make changes or get through difficult times. You may notice that you are drawn to a crystal and then discover their healing properties are exactly what you needed. 

It simply doesn’t matter if you choose the crystal or the crystal chooses you. When you resonate with a crystal, you will feel it, it’s like finding a long lost friend you never knew you had.


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