Strawberry Quartz | Tumbles Multiple Weights

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Weight 3-6 grams

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If you already feel a connection with this crystal, wait until you feel the energy when you hold it in your hands.

☾ This price is for one crystal. 
☾ We sell by weight and intuitively select your crystal in your chosen weight range.
☾ Crystals are natural products and come in different shapes, sizes and shades.
☾ The photos show the quality of your crystal, the size will depend on the weight.
☾ Your crystal will be cleansed and charged by the sound of our singing bowl.

STRAWBERRY QUARTZ (a form of Hematoid Quartz) is known to soothe and guide. When holding this beautiful stone you can’t help but become filled with pure joy. It carries a peaceful energy that brings balance to your emotions. It encourages you to look deep inside yourself to find hidden, inner truths and understand your true purpose in life.