Selenite 15cm | Ruler

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☾ This price is for one piece. Measuring approximately 15cm length x 3cm wide.
☾ We will intuitively select your selenite ruler/plate.
Crystals are natural products, the photos will show the quality of your selenite ruler/plate, the size and shape will vary from item to item.
☾ Your crystal will be cleansed and charged by the sound of our singing bowl.

This product is labeled as Selenite because it is most commonly known and sold as Selenite, but technically it is Satin Spar.

SELENITE/SATIN SPAR is known to cleanse and clarify. It is an extremely high vibration crystal, keeping this stone around the home brings tranquility and peace to the environment as well as protecting it from negative energies. This stone is also useful when it comes to decision making helping to clear the mind and show you the bigger picture behind any problem. Selenite can also be used to cleanse and charge other crystals and enhance their abilities. 

IMPORTANT: Selenite and Satin Spar are both a very delicate mineral and does have naturally occurring cracks, some more noticeable than others. If you receive a plate that has lines that look like cracks, this is normal and is not a flaw, it's part of the beauty of these unique handmade plates. Selenite should never be immersed in water.