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Blossom to your fullest potential, find your passion, flourish and grow with Flower Agate.

☾ This price is for one crystal.
☾ We sell by weight, your crystal will weigh between 7-15 grams.
☾ We will intuitively select your crystal. 
☾ Crystals are natural products and come in different shapes, sizes and shades.
☾ The photos show the quality of your crystal, the size will depend on the weight.
☾ Your crystal will be cleansed and charged by the sound of our singing bowl.

FLOWER AGATE is know to bring growth and passion. This stone carries a gentle, comforting and grounding energy. It will protect you from feelings of failure and self-doubt. It encourages you to blossom to your full potential, find your passion, flourish and grow. This is a stone of pure transformation.