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If you already feel a connection with this crystal, wait until you feel the energy when you hold it in your hands.

☾ This price is for one piece of tumbled Amethyst.
☾ We sell by weight which means your new tumble will weigh between 6-11 grams and be intuitively selected by us, for you. 
☾ The photos will represent the quality of your crystal, but please remember crystals are natural products and come in many shapes, sizes and shades.
☾ Before it is shipped, your crystal will be cleansed and charged by the sound of our singing bowl.


Zodiac: Virgo + Capricorn + Aquarius
Element: Air + Water
Chakra: Crown + Third Eye
Planet: Jupiter + Neptune
Country of Origin: Africa

Amethyst is a stone of protection and intuition. It vibrates at a high frequency creating a bubble of spiritual protection around you. It will purify the mind and clear it of negative thoughts, this will release stress and bring a calming energy. Amethyst awakens your spiritual awareness and intuition allowing you to make wiser decisions with a clear head. With mental clarity will come emotional balance, improved focus and motivation.

Affirmation: 'My mind is clear and open to receive guidance from the universe.'


In an effort to reduce our environmental footprint as much as we can, we do not offer singular printed crystal information cards with your order. 

We do realise a lot of you would prefer a physical copy and we have created free printable crystal information cards just for you.