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Weight Range: 10-25 grams

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Calm your mind, balance your energy, reduce stress, and enhance communication with Amazonite.

This price is for one piece of raw Amazonite, your new crystal will be intuitively selected by us, in your chosen weight range.


Element: Earth + Water
Chakra: Throat + Heart
Planet: Uranus
Country of Origin: Madagascar 

Amazonite is known to bring hope and truth. It awakens empathy and compassion, allowing you to clearly see both sides of a situation and encourages you to speak your hearts truth. The soothing energy it carries helps to release toxic emotions and heal emotional trauma and fear. Amazonite is also known as the ‘hope' stone, helping you to see life from a better perspective.

Affirmation: 'I have the confidence and courage I need to speak my hearts truth.'


To reduce our environmental footprint, physical crystal information cards are not included with orders.

For those who would prefer a physical copy, we have created free printable crystal information cards just for you.

Why we love raw crystals...

All of our raw crystals are ethically & sustainably sourced and on top of that, hand-picked. Yes, that means each and every crystal that we have has been hand-picked by us, we probably spend a little too much time picking through crystals but, we love it!

Raw or Rough crystals are, well, raw, they are left untreated as they are found. The shape and size can vary dramatically from tiny little chips to massive boulders or caves. The reason raw crystals have such strong, powerful energy is that they are left untreated in their natural state.

We have over forty raw crystals in this collection and that can be a little overwhelming, so if you're feeling drawn to these beautiful crystals, but don't know how to choose just one our Crystal Kits might just be the perfect option for you.

Customer Reviews

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julie desmond
amazonite tumbled and raw x 12 pieces

hey gals - decent prices....quick supply...nicely presented....lovely products...My feedback would be that I/many will buy stones to make jewellery-namely neck pendant and the size is ok but not as deep wud be better...cheers


I recently ordered a raw piece of Amazonite and when it arrived I was truly stunned at it's pure beauty!! It is magnificent!! Amazonite has always been my favourite crystal but The Essential Collection has crystals that really show the insane gorgeousness of the piece and after receiving my piece of Amazonite from them, I love Amazonite even more!!