Rose Quartz | Tumbles Multiple Weights

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Size 11-20 gram

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Price is for one stone. 
☾ Crystals are natural products and come in different shapes, sizes and shades.
☾ We sell by weight and intuitively select your crystal in your chosen weight range. 
☾ The photos show the quality of your crystal, the size will depend on the weight.
☾ Your crystal will be cleansed and charged by the sound of our singing bowl.

ROSE QUARTZ is a stone of love and compassion. This stone uses the energy of love to bring your consciousness to a higher level, helping you to forgive by understanding situations from a positive perspective. It attracts and supports unconditional love of all kinds, self love, romantic love and love of friends and family.

CARE TIP: To preserve the pretty pink colour of Rose Quartz, be sure to keep Rose Quartz out of direct sunlight.