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Clear energy, enhance creativity, boost vitality, promote emotional healing and foster clarity with Orange Selenite.

This price is for one piece of tumbled Orange Selenite, your new crystal will weigh between 8-15 grams and be intuitively selected by us, for you. 


Zodiac: Taurus
Element: Air 
Chakra: Crown
Country of Origin: 

Orange Selenite is known to cleanse and clarify. It is an extremely high vibration crystal. Keeping Selenite around your home brings tranquility and peace to the environment as well as protecting it from negative energies. It increases mental clarity and is particularly useful when it comes to decision making, helping you to clear your mind and see the bigger picture behind any problem. Selenite can also be used to cleanse and charge other crystals and enhance their abilities.

Affirmation: 'I am surrounded by peaceful, calming, protecting and comforting energies.'


To reduce our environmental footprint, physical crystal information cards are not included with orders.

For those who would prefer a physical copy, we have created free printable crystal information cards just for you.

Why we love tumbled crystals...

Our tumbles are ethically & sustainably sourced and on top of that, hand-picked. Yes, that means each and every tumble that we have has been hand-picked by us, we probably spend a little too much time picking through crystals but, we love it!

Tumbles are small chunks of crystals that have been placed into a rock tumbler to give them a smooth, polished appearance. The shape and size of tumbled crystals can vary, but usually, they are the perfect size for your pockets. Although don’t let the size fool you, these crystals are tiny but, mighty. The size allows you to easily stay connected with the even and gentle energy that it emits all day long.

We have over forty tumbled crystals and that can be a little overwhelming, so if you're feeling drawn to these beautiful tumbled crystals, but don't know how to choose just one our Crystal Kits might just be the perfect option for you.