What is The Difference Between Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards? 

To simply summarise, Tarot is a historic from of divination that has structure and rules. Tarot decks usually consist of 78 cards and the meaning behind the card is always the same. 

Oracle cards are a modern form of divination, the number of cards and meanings of those cards are completely up to the creator of the deck. Oracle decks will come with a guidebook that usually contains recommended ways to conduct readings and the full meaning behind each card.


Which One Should I Start With a Tarot Deck or Oracle Deck?

There is no right or wrong deck to start with, it is completely up to you! Just like we recommend when choosing crystals, use your intuition.


The Best Tarot and Oracle Decks

Now the 'best' is also up to you, but let me show you our best-selling and personal favourite Tarot and Oracle decks. Now, I should let you know, we have an obsession with the incredibly talented author and artist Danielle Noel. 

Danielle's Tarot and Oracle decks are on a whole different level, every single card is a magickal piece of fine art. Both the Tarot and Oracle decks are full of love, light and breathtakingly beautiful imagery. 

We hope her extraordinary work resonates with you, as much as it does us.


The Starchild Tarot Deck Rose Portal Edition | SHOP HERE

This classic seventy-eight card tarot deck is an essential if you ask us, each card is a beautiful piece of art. The vibrant pastel colour palette makes this deck feel open, inviting and a little less intimating or 'scary' compared to some other decks out there. 


The Starchild Tarot Deck by Danielle Noel


The Ocean Dreams Oracle Deck | SHOP HERE

As you know we are obsessed with Danielle Noel, we've also always loved the ocean and oracle is our preferred form of divination, so very quickly the Ocean Dreams Oracle became our number one.

This deck is dreamy, every single little detail is perfection. I can not even begin to imagine the time that went into creating this incredible piece of art. 


The Ocean Dreams Oracle


If you are feeling drawn to the magick of Danielle Noel's work, you're in luck, there is so much more than these two decks. Danielle has created multiple tarot decks, journals, fine art prints and so much more. SHOP OUR DANIELLE NOEL COLLECTION


Danielle Noel Collection