What is an Aura Crystal

What is an Aura Crystal? + How are they made?

Aura Crystals are natural crystals that have been coated in precious metals to give them a magickal iridescent glow. This glow is what gives them the ‘Aura’ name. 

Aura crystals are created by using a process called vacuum metalising. Now if you’re looking for the exact science, I’m not your girl. Essentially, the precious metal or metals become a vapour that bonds to the surface of the crystal. 

The most commonly used precious metals are  Gold, Silver, Platinum and Titanium and they all give the crystals a different coloured ‘aura’. 

Below is a little bit about the three types of Aura coatings we seem to come across the most.


Angel Aura/Opal Aura - Silver + Platinum Coated

Angel Aura crystals, which can also known as Opal Aura is made when crystals are coated in Silver and Platinum. This gives the crystals a transparent coating that can flash all the colours of the rainbow depending on the direction of the light.

Angel Aura brings a soft, gentle energy encouraging you to calm your mind, relax and connect with the universe. 



Aqua Aura - Gold Coated

Aqua Aura crystal are made when crystals are coated in 25ct gold. This gold coating gives the crystal a beautiful blue iridescent glow. 

Aqua Aura encourages clear communication bringing honestly, clarity and confidence. 


Rainbow Aura - Titanium Coated

Rainbow Aura crystals are made with a titanium coating. The titanium coating gives the crystals a rainbow flash that is not transparent. 

Rainbow Aura brings light to the darkness and encourages us to enjoy life and have fun.


Remember these are not man-made crystals, but they are enhanced by man. Which means Aura Crystals won’t be for everyone but whether you like them or not is totally up to you.