What crystals should you have in your home?

If you ask a crystal lover, they will say you need them all. However, for those who aren’t particularly obsessed with crystals or prefer more neutral toned crystals, smoky quartz is definitely for you!

Used decoratively, the transparent smoky brown colour works well with neutral home or office decor. Smoky quartz varies from a pale smoky colour to a deep brown or black. Men particularly love this more masculine looking crystal. It's also a great way to introduce crystals to someone who may not love the vibrant pinks, purples and yellows of other crystals.

Smoky quartz displayed with home decor

Once you have decided that smoky quartz will work with your decor, you can now reap the benefits of its properties. Smoky quartz is a very high vibrational crystal which neutralises negative energy. Smoky quartz is believed to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Smoky quartz is particularly good for the solar plexus chakra. It helps heal, balance and ground energies, you can also use smoky quartz in the lower chakras.

If smoky quartz sounds like the crystal for you, check out our collection and see if one vibes with you.

Smoky quartz obelisks