Decorating With Crystals | Bathroom Edition

Do you love the look and energy of crystals, but aren't sure how to display them in your home?

We get asked this quite frequently, here are some ideas on how to incorporate crystal energy into your bathroom and create a high vibe and visually pleasing display.

In the images, you will see that we have used a round marble tray to create a base for a grouping of decorative objects. We added some bath salts in a large jar, a Selenite Candle Holder and some crystals of choice.

The type of crystals you introduce to your bathroom will bring you different energies, so use whatever crystals you want.


Clear quartz crystal point selenite candle holder


We have used a Selenite Candle Holder in each example for multiple reasons. Firstly to add the ambiance of candlelight to the space, and to bring in the energy of a selenite, plus it looks amazing! 

Selenite is known to cleanse and clarify. It is an extremely high-vibration crystal, keeping this crystal around your home brings tranquility and peace to the environment as well as protection from negative energies. 

We have used a Clear Quartz point in this grouping to create a minimal, monochromatic look. The energy of the Clear Quartz is that of clarity and amplification. It's a high vibrational crystal that amplifies energy and effects of other crystals, along with that it will amplify your thoughts and energy. The clear quartz looks elegant while also amplifying the energy of the selenite, creating a great sense of clarity.

smoky quartz tower flower agate sphere selenite candle holder

In this grouping we have chosen to use a smoky quartz tower and a flower agate sphere. The mix of these energies and colours are calming and comforting. Smoky Quartz is a known for its ability to ground and protect. It has the ability to lift and transform negative energy into positive energy. Flower Agate is known to encourage growth and passion. This stone carries a gentle, comforting and grounding energy.

labradorite sphere selenite candle holder


In this last grouping we have combined the Selenite Candle Holder with a Labradorite Sphere and a peperomia (Chinese money plant), we love the energies plants bring too. This combination looks fresh and brings in the energies of wealth and awareness. Labradorite is known to bring awareness and protection. This stone is pure magic, filled with ‘frozen fire’ from the northern lights. It encourages you to explore the spiritual world, unlock your physic abilities and protects you along the way. 

We hope this inspired you to add a little crystal magick to your bathroom decor. Looking at a beautiful crystal in your bathroom is great way to start and finish the day!