Full Moon Cleansing + Charging Ritual

The full moon is one of the most magickal times to reflect, release and re-energize. Let it cleanse your mind, body and spirit with its pure lunar energy.

Each moon carries a specific energy depending on which astrological sign the moon and the sun are in. You can also choose to adjust your ritual or manifestations dependant on the sign at the time.

Now when it comes to a full moon ritual, let your intuition guide you. Surround yourself in crystals, light a candle, write in a journal, do whatever you feel called to do, there are no rules. Here are a few things that we recommend doing to make sure you are taking advantage of all that powerful moon energy. 

Absorb the energy, sit, stare, breathe in and connect to the light. 

Reflect on your achievements and show gratitude.

Release any limiting beliefs, let go of anything holding you back. 

Set your intentions, what are you manifesting next, this is your chance to let the moon super charge your energy and thoughts.

Let the moon cleanse and charge your crystals. Place your crystals in the direct light of the full moon and let the moon release them of any negative energy they have absorbed. It will then charge them with powerful moon energy. 

While you’re out in the moonlight why not make yourself some moon water because who wouldn’t want moon charged water? It has so many uses, drink it, bathe in it, spray it around your house, the possibilities are endless. Place your container filled with water in the light of the full moon, leave it out overnight to absorb all the magickal energy of the moon and collect it before dawn.

Full moon cleansing and charging crystal kit