Why Is It Important That I Cleanse My Crystals?

Most crystals absorb and store negative energy, this is why cleansing them is so important.

Cleansing your crystals regularly removes the negative energy they have adsorbed and allows them to function at their highest possible vibration.

You can cleanse your crystals many different ways, let your intuition
guide you.

Here are some of our favourite ways…

How To Cleanse Your Crystals With Water

Water neutralizes any negative energy stored inside your crystals and returns it back to the earth.

Fresh Running Water 

Although natural running water, like a stream is best, you can also rinse your stone under a faucet.

Simply hold your crystal in your choice of fresh water stream for about a minute and let the negative energy wash away.

Salt Water

If you're near the ocean, consider collecting a bowl of fresh salt water or taking your crystals down to the beach for a dip.

Alternatively you can mix a tablespoon of sea, rock, or table salt into a bowl of water.

Make sure that your stone is completely submerged, and allow it to soak for a few hours.

*Just remember that not all crystals are safe in water.

How To Cleanse Your Crystals With Smoke

The smoke from sage or palo santo carries away negative energy from the crystals and your environment.

All you need to do it pass the crystals through the smoke for 20-30 seconds. 

Now, although smoke cleansing is an effective way to cleanse your crystals, personally we choose not to use or sell palo santo and white sage.

Here is the link to an amazing article from forage + sustain, it explains why we should not use palo santo and suggests some alternative products.

However you choose to cleanse your crystals is up to you, we just want to share as much information as we can.

How To Cleanse Your Crystals With The Sun

The sun is used to burn off old energy and fills your crystals with light.

Just place your crystals in a nice sunny spot, they don't need long so a few hours should be enough.

*Please remember not all crystals should be left in the sun.

How To Cleanse Your Crystals With The Moon

One of the simplest ways to cleanse and charge your crystals is to use the magnetic energy of the moon. 

All you need to do is place your crystals in direct light of the full moon this can be outdoors or on a window cill.

You don't have to cleanse your crystals on a full moon, but the full moon is the most powerful phase.


How To Cleanse Your Crystals With The Earth

Grounding your crystals in the earth is a beautiful way to cleanse and charge them.

Simply dig a little hole in your garden and bury your crystals. It's best to keep them in the ground for at least 24 hours.

*Please remember the ground can be damp and not all crystals can get wet. 


How To Cleanse Your Crystals With Selenite

Selenite is a powerful crystal that is known to purify and cleanse energy.

You can cleanse other crystals by setting them on top of a piece of Selenite.

This is why you will often find Selenite bowls, plates and slabs, they make it very easy to keep your crystals cleansed. SHOP SELENITE


How To Cleanse Your Crystals With Sound

Sound is a powerful tool used for shifting frequencies.

There are a few tools you can use for sound cleansing, but the most popular is a singing bowl.

Sound cleansing is actually how we cleanse our crystals before we send them off to their new home.

It is the easiest way if you have a large collection that is not easily moved.