Why Is It Important That I Cleanse My Crystals?

Crystals have the ability to absorb energy from their surroundings, including negative vibrations. While some crystals can absorb and dispel negative energy, most crystals benefit from routine cleansing to eliminate any accumulated negative energies.
Regular cleansing and charging of crystals are essential practices for anyone who works with these powerful tools for healing, manifestation, and spiritual growth. They help to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the crystals, ensuring that they continue to serve their purpose optimally.

Cleansing Crystals VS Charging Crystals

Throughout this guide you will find methods labelled Cleansing or Cleansing and Charging. We wanted to take a minuite to explain the difference.

Cleansing Crystals

Purpose: Cleansing crystals is the process of removing any accumulated energies, impurities, or negative vibrations from the crystal. Over time, crystals can absorb various energies from their surroundings or from the people handling them, which may impact their effectiveness.

Intentions: The primary intention behind cleansing crystals is to reset their energy, clearing away any unwanted or stagnant energies to restore them to their natural state of balance and purity.

Charging Crystals

Purpose: Charging crystals involves infusing them with fresh, positive energy to enhance their natural properties and abilities. While cleansing removes unwanted energies, charging revitalizes the crystal's energy field, making it more potent for healing, manifestation, or other purposes.

Intentions: The intention behind charging crystals is to amplify their energy and align them with specific goals or intentions. This can include enhancing their healing properties, boosting their ability to manifest intentions, or aligning them with a particular energy frequency.


Cleansing & Charging Crystals with Moonlight

Method: Leave your crystals outside during the night of a full moon or even during the waxing and waning phases.

Key Unsafe Crystals: Selenite should not be exposed to moisture, including dew, so avoid this method for Selenite crystals. Fluorite, Opal and Malachite are also not recommend this method. To learn more check out our blog post on Crystals That Shouldn't be Cleansed or Charged in the Moonlight

Cleansing and charging your crystals during different phases of the moon can offer slightly different energies and benefits. For more information on the different Moon phases and the benefits of choosing them we recommend downloading The Quick Guide: Cleansing & Charging Crystals. 

Cleansing & Charging Crystals with Sunlight

Method: Place your crystals under direct sunlight for several hours, preferably in the morning or late afternoon.

Key Unsafe Crystals: Avoid using this method for crystals prone to fading or becoming brittle, such as Amethyst, Celestite, Fluorite, and Kunzite. 

Cleansing & Charging Crystals with Visualisation

Method: Hold your crystals in your hands and visualize them being cleansed and energized by pure, white light or any other positive imagery.

Key Unsafe Crystals: This method is generally safe for all crystals but may not be as effective for heavily energetically charged crystals. 

Cleansing Crystals with Water

Method: Rinse your crystals under running water, preferably from natural sources like rivers or streams. Alternatively, you can submerge them in a bowl of water with added sea salt for several hours.

Key Unsafe Crystals: Porous or water-soluble crystals like Selenite, Halite, Kyanite, Malachite, Calcite and Lepidolite should not be submerged in water.

Cleansing Crystals with Smoke

Method: Pass your crystals through the smoke of burning herbs like sage, cedar, or palo santo.

Key Unsafe Crystals: Crystals with a low tolerance to heat, such as Malachite, Opal, and Turquoise, should not be subjected to this method.

Now, although smoke cleansing is an effective way to cleanse your crystals, personally we choose not to use or sell palo santo and white sage.

Here is the link to an amazing article from forage + sustain, it explains why we should not use palo santo and suggests some alternative products.


Cleansing Crystals with Sound

Sound is a powerful tool used for shifting frequencies.

Method: Use sound vibrations from singing bowls, tuning forks, or bells to cleanse your crystals.

Key Unsafe Crystals: While most crystals are safe for sound cleansing, extremely fragile or brittle ones like Angelite and Selenite should be handled with care to prevent breakage.


Cleansing Crystals with the Earth

Grounding your crystals in the earth is a beautiful way to cleanse and charge them. 

Method: Bury your crystals in the earth for a day or more, allowing the natural energy of the earth to cleanse and recharge them.

Key Unsafe Crystals: Crystals that can be damaged by moisture or are too fragile to withstand burial, such as Selenite and Celestite, should not be buried.


Cleansing & Charging Crystals with Crystals

Using Clear Quartz and Selenite to cleanse and charge other crystals is a very popular and effective method.

Clear Quartz is known as a universal cleanser and amplifier. It has the ability to absorb, store, release, and regulate energy. It can also be used to charge other crystals, enhancing their energy and properties.

Selenite is a powerful cleansing crystal that has the ability to clear negative energies and purify the aura. While Selenite is primarily used for cleansing, its gentle and pure energy can also help to recharge other crystals.

The Quick Guide: Cleansing & Charging Crystals

We have created a FREE downloadable Guidebook on Cleansing and Charging Crystals. It is a more detailed version of this blog post and if you are interested in learning more about cleansing and charging your crystals we highly recommend checking it out.


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