3 Angelite Pendulums hanging pendulum basics blog post

First of all, what is a Pendulum? 

A Pendulum is an ancient tool used for dowsing, which put simply is a technique for searching. 

The Pendulum works by channeling energy, where you choose to believe this energy comes from is up to you. Maybe it is your own, your higher-self or maybe it’s someone else, a divine energy.

Pendulums are a symmetrical object hanging at the end of a singular chain. It can be made from a variety of different materials like crystals, wood, metals or glass, but never anything magnetic.

Be sure to choose a pendulum that you feel intuitively drawn too.  

Cleansing your Pendulum 

Just like any other crystal, it is important that you cleanse your crystal pendulum. You need to make sure it is clear of any energies it may have absorbed. 

Personally, I like to store my pendulum in a selenite bowl, that way it is always cleansed and ready to go. Another quick way to cleanse your pendulum is under running water, just make sure your crystal is water safe first. 

There are many methods for cleansing crystals and how you choose to do it is up to you. 

For more cleansing options check out our blog post on cleansing crystals here.

Using your Pendulum 

Find a comfortable place, relax, breath deeply and take the time to clear your mind

Hold your pendulum in your hands, connect with it, charge it with your energy.  

When the time feels right you need to find your ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ movement. 

In any hand hold the end of the chain between your thumb and pointer finger. 
Personally, I prefer my less dominate hand.

Don’t overthink it, let your subconscious mind takeover, you are not in anyway suppose to move or guide the pendulum. 

Simply ask out loud ‘SHOW ME YES’ and watch the magick happen. 

There is no correct or incorrect motion, you might see a front to back swing, a side to side swing, a clockwise or anti clockwise circle. If you see random movement it is considered inconclusive or unknown.

Once you have established the ‘YES’ movement for your pendulum, ask it ‘SHOW ME NO’. 

Now you have a clear ‘YES’ and ’NO’. Start with simple questions, consider this bonding time. 

Use your pendulum as much as possible, the more familiar it is with your energy, the better. I would recommend fitting it into your daily or weekly rituals. 


Trust in your form of divination, have faith and keep an open mind.

Be prepared to ask multiple questions about your main topic, but do not ask the same questions over and over, you will receive inconclusive results. Pendulums don’t always work, unfortunately it may not want to give you a specific answer at that time.